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Width of slant stalls

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Subject : Width of slant stalls
Posted : 2005-05-22 10:38 PM
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Those who haul warmbloods in slant trailers, what do you find is a good sized width of stall at the head (I know it's smaller in the middle). I'm trying to decide between 42" and 45". My two horses are not too big, but I'm planning for the future where I will haul warmbloods up to 16.2 - so 42" or 45"?

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Subject : RE: Width of slant stalls
Posted : 2005-05-23 10:17 AM
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Featherlite offers a trailer that has 50" stalls which is 39" across centers.  So if your looking at a trailer that is described at 45" stalls, you'll be at approx 34" between dividers at the center (horses barrel) and the 42" will be approx 31" across the center.  The straight load is 38" wide so that should give you a comparison to work with.  Hope that helps.   
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Subject : RE: Width of slant stalls
Posted : 2005-05-30 10:35 AM
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You ask a very good question about stall width.  I haul a very large horse- he is long, tall, and wide.  In a slant trailer stall width is obviously proportionate to the stall length.  In measuring stall width I discovered the Featherlight stall that is 39" wide works very well.  I checked other popular brands and did not come up with a better fit.  As a matter of fact some of the trailers were just plain narrow.  You can't loose by buying a Featherlight.

Jean in Minnesota

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Subject : RE: Width of slant stalls
Posted : 2005-05-30 12:03 PM
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If you search old topics you'll probably find the one that deals with stall length AND width as a function of trailer width and divider spacing. Basically the wider the trailer the more the horses get to be across the trailer, so the actual stall width is closer to the divider spacing along the wall, or you can choose to 'spend' the additional trailer width as stall length. One of the reasons that I don't have slant loads is that you need to decide all this and then you get locked into the trailer as built.
As a point of reference a LARGE and very pregnant warm blood probably has about 8 inches of spare space at her barrel in a 45 inch (actual width) straight load trailer stall, so I'd guess 37 across the stall would be adequate for any warm blood, even when pregnant. Fresians, Perchies, etc., might be a different matter, but I ain't got any of themz... and if I did the 45 (actual width) would still work.
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Subject : RE: Width of slant stalls
Posted : 2005-05-30 2:07 PM
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I haul Warmbloods and have a 16.3 mare that fits just fine in our 42" slant although she is not the Xwide (drafty) type. One of our other mares is the wider body model and she also does fine in the 42". 

The tall mare could MAYBE use a bit more length to the stall but hasn't really been a problem. Also, if the trailer's not full, she gets two stalls and then, of course, has plenty of room.

With the larger horses, I found the height to be more of a concern. So, would honestly recommend an Xtall.